Quinn Rework

01.03.2018  · Follow me on twitch.tv – https://twitch.tv/kobesandhu Quinn Base AD lowered from 62 to 59 AD per level increased from 2.4 to 3 (AD at 18 increased from 103 t.

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↑ Quinn’s profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com. Her ult doesn’t alter any of her abilities, it’s a self buff with a second cast just like Riven’s ultimate.

Quinn’s just took her on a complete random 180 away from everything that made the champion fun. I think the new design might be good, might even be OP in the right hands. But it won’t be fun, and I guarantee all the people playing her will not be the former Quinn mains. I’m more sad than anything.

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Quinn’s eventual rework could make her less of a lane bully and more of a teamfighter New, 1 comment Meddler doesn’t want to make any promises.

but fingers crossed.

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01.03.2013  · Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight. Learn how to tag team your enemies into submission in this Champion Spotlight as we showcase the tricks and turns of Quinn and Valor, Demacia’s.

Quinn needs a rework. An ACTUAL rework. An ACTUAL rework. Disclaimer: I played Quinn nonstop almost the entire season when she was reworked: mainly top, with some bot and the occasional mid.

Quinn will be getting an update that improves her.

– Quinn’s passive, Harrier, will now properly trigger if the auto attack is in flight previous to Valor marking the target. Her base stats are also getting a shift.

Quinn rework question. Discussion. I’ve started to play Quinn recently and I’ve fallen in love with her general design. I think her kit perfectly matches her sort of lore identity as this fast moving scout that can easily pick off people, while using Valor as support. This being said, apparently there are a lot of Quinn players calling for a full on rework, including the highest rank Quinn.